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Model Description:

This model is so different; in colors, style, and also in design. This model is a  three seater sofa with a very special two chairs. Colors of this model pieces are different, however, they are chosen perfectly to guarantee integrity and harmony in the place. 

Cushions are made of high-quality material and are covered with special soft texture. Pillows are all small sizes. Cushions are removable for easy cleaning. Alaska model is made in Saudi Arabia and it is a member of transitional American furniture family. 


Contains: 2 Sofas, 2 Chairs


Model Features:


We use Strong Plywood 15mm for the structure. Softwood from Germany is used for structure Support.

Seating Foam: 

Seating Foam density is 28-30, ILD(N) 122, CLD (KPa) 3.0 and its resilience is 44% covered nicely with a fine quality Dacron.

Back Pillows & Cushion: 

Back pillows and Cushions filled with a high-quality virgin Staple fibers (3Dimension) density 15D approx.

ZigZag Spring: 

The seating is supported with 15 lines of High-quality ZigZag spring for the sofa with 3.5mm, and 5 lines of high-quality ZigZag spring in the chair.

Goose Feather: 

We use a fine washed white Goose Feather for some models, size 2-4 CM and it can be used for all the sofas upon Client request.