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Model Description:


This model is a spacious seating model with confident support for your body. The corner style of this model is preferable for wide areas and square rooms. The armless chair gives a new experience of sitting on the opposite of classic styles. This chair is comfort and flexible in moving and positioning 

Seat and back cushions are made of very material, so they adapt with your body while sitting and regain its original shape once you get up. This feature gives the sofa a quality long life. Pillows guarantee a very good personal experience for everyone. It is an American style sofa that is made is Saudi Arabia.


Contains: Corner, Left arm, Right arm, Chair

Model Features:


We use Strong Plywood 15mm for the structure. Softwood from Germany is used for structure Support.

Seating Foam: 

Seating Foam density is 28-30, ILD(N) 122, CLD (KPa) 3.0 and its resilience is 44% covered nicely with a fine quality Dacron.

Back Pillows & Cushion: 

Back pillows and Cushions filled with a high-quality virgin Staple fibers (3Dimension) density 15D approx.

ZigZag Spring: 

The seating is supported with 15 lines of High-quality ZigZag spring for the sofa with 3.5mm, and 5 lines of high-quality ZigZag spring in the chair.

Goose Feather: 

We use a fine washed white Goose Feather for some models, size 2-4 CM and it can be used for all the sofas upon Client request.